Residential Property Maintenance: Summer Lawn Care Tips

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As the weather begins to heat up, the lush green grass and foliage of spring begins to grow weeds. The summer sun beats down on yards, turning prized green lawns into dry, browned deserts. Learn more about what steps to take to maintain your landscape through the summer months, which will help make your residential property maintenance (and commercial property maintenance!) easier.

Beautiful Summer Landscapes Are Made In The Spring And Fall

Much of residential property maintenance is preventative and proactive, and lawn care is no different. Because the spring and fall are the ideal time to fertilize, it is these seasons that truly cultivate a lush, hydrated summer lawn. The trick is to properly care for the grass in the non-extreme seasons to help it survive during the summer and winter. Some people make the mistake of fertilizing in the very late spring season, thinking this will keep their summer grass greener for a longer period of time. However, this late fertilization schedule will act as food for new weeds and could result in serious scorching.

Browning Grass Is Normal

Summer is a season of heat and dryness, and some browning of your grass is inevitable. Even professional commercial property maintenance companies struggle to obtain that deep green color seen during the spring. If you have properly cared for your grass as mentioned above, your grass is not dead, it is merely browned. Some residential property maintenance guides advise to fertilize and water regularly though dry periods, but this could result in new issues. Additional water (over and above summer rains) will not just encourage weeds like crabgrass to flourish, but keep the blades moist. This humidity fosters disease and even further heat damage.

Cut Grass Often And Minimally

When looking at landscapes groomed by commercial property maintenance companies, people often wonder why the grass is cut every single week. This is because in times of the year that are stressful to grass, such as times of high heat or low hydration, cutting the grass too short puts it under even more stress. Use the rule of thirds: never mow grass more than a third of its height. If you're away on holidays, remember to set the lawn mower at the highest setting for the first cut. Go back a few days later at your normal cutting height, which gives the grass time to recuperate.

Using Grass To Become More Eco-Friendly

Remember when doing your residential property maintenance that your grass clippings are very valuable as compost. Cutting your grass often might be time consuming, but the compost you'll obtain from these clippings can help grow your own vegetable garden. Using an inch of grass clippings will also help reduce weeds in a flower bed. Mixing fresh grass clippings with your garden soil will help the moisture retention properties, and add valuable nutrients and organic matter.

Improve Property Values And Curb Appeal

Proper residential property maintenance will not only make your home look more appealing, but also helps increase the value of your property. A neighborhood full of nicely manicured and cared for lawns will increase the overall land values, not to mention make you proud to come home.

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Residential Property Maintenance: Summer Lawn Care Tips

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This article was published on 2011/08/01