Cultivating Grass Underneath Trees

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Most people seek to maintain a lawn as beautiful and green as one of their neighbors or as the lawns in the gardening magazines. Not only is a beautiful and green lawn nice to look at and nice to walk on, but is has become somewhat of a trophy for master gardeners.

There are many things you can do to develop a nice lawn. However, there are many problem areas that you may have a hard time cultivating beautiful grass in.

One of these areas is underneath a tree that provides a lot of shade. Most likely you have has a problem spot in your yard that you have been having trouble betting grass to grow in.

This grass is probably underneath a tree. Grass does not usually grow well underneath a tree due to the excess shade that is found there.

In general, grass likes the sun, but it often gets blocked out by trees that are in your yard. One option is to chop all of the trees in your yard down and then cultivate the grass.

However, you will be removing something very beautiful if you do that. In addition, the villainous tree may be in your neighbor's yard.

If you have a young tree, you may want to watch it to make sure that the grass around it does not thin as it grows larger. This often happens very subtly and you may not notice it until your grass is severely damaged.

Not only does the shade harm the grass by blocking out the sun, but the tree and the grass are in competition for the same nutrients and moisture. As both types of plants draw what they need from the ground, the ground will become much drier and lose a lot of its nutrition and fertility.

In addition, the tree will block a lot of the falling rain so the ground underneath will not receive as much water as it needs. As these things combine against the grass, mowing it may be the last blow before it begins to die completely.

When you do mow the grass underneath a tree, it should be slightly taller so that the grass will have a better chance of survival. When it remains taller it can maintain more moisture within itself.

On top of all of this are the leaves. The leaves fall down in the fall and are often not raked like they should be.

When spring comes, the leaves have decayed around the grass and may even be blocking out the rest of the sun that the grass does receive. The leaves also do not allow the grass to breathe, so the area may need to be aerated.

With all of these obstacles it may seem like an impossible task to encourage a full and healthy lawn to grow underneath a tree. However, it is not impossible and it is doable.

If there is not grass underneath your tree, you will want to purchase grass seed of a variety that is tolerant of the shade. One variety you may want to consider is fine fescue.

Grass that is not shade tolerant will not survive underneath a tree, so you may simply want to replace what is there. The best time to plant this kind of grass is during early spring or fall when the weather is not too hot as it will need a lot of water.

The heat of the summer will evaporate the water too quickly and the shade tolerant grass will not like the heat as much. Make sure you water this new grass daily until it is fully grown.

This watering session should thoroughly drench the ground so that the water penetrates deeply. However, if you do not want to replace your grass, you will have to find some way of providing more light to it.

One option is to prune your tree so more light can filter through the branches. Taking out the lower branches can allow more sunlight to reach the grass through a greater part of the day as well.

In general, grass that is growing underneath trees should be watered more frequently than grass in the sunlight due to the competition with the tree. In addition, it may need to be fertilized more often throughout the year.

These methods are definitely doable and you can cultivate a beautiful looking lawn, even underneath a tree. It will take hard work, effort, time, and money, but it will be worth it.
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Cultivating Grass Underneath Trees

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This article was published on 2011/02/03