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Now a day,Artificial grass has taken place of natural grass at most of the places and the main reason is natural grass needs lot of maintenance compared to artificial grass.This artificial grass is widely used now for gardens,balconies,pool areas,play grounds,verandas and also for commercial areas.

Till time for some sports it was always required to have and maintain good natural grass.And to grow natural grass it takes time,so it was not easy to make new play ground immediately till time.But now its very easy to maintain such grounds with artificial grass or astro turf.With natural grass it was also require to maintain sunlight and pest control for all the time,while with astro turf its quite simple.One can place astro turf anywhere in any shape as per requirements.

For home lawns also now people prefer to have artificial grass or astro turf instead of natural grass.Because it takes too much time and efforts to maintain natural grass.Also one needs to regularly cut and keep in shape for natural grass.But with astro turf its quite easy as it will not grow or change its size.Good thing with astro turf is you can keep its shape as per your desire and it will not grow or shrink.

Astro turf saves other costs also like there is no requirement for lawn mower.It is also considerable energy saving used annually by lawn mower to maintain natural grass.It is also easy to maintain lawn with astro turf for sick or elderly people to maintain their back yard.

With natural grass you need to regularly water the grass.It is very difficult if you are going for vacation and you need to keep somebody to water the grass to maintain it well.But with astro turf it is quite simple as you dont need to water it.With astro turf if your grass gets damaged in any case then also it is easy to replace just portion of that grass.Also with artificial grass you dont need to worry for insects.
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Artificial Grass

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This article was published on 2011/01/01